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Office Policies


We understand that your time is valuable, and we will make every effort to provide services in a prompt fashion.  We strive to give each patient our undivided attention with unsurpassed service for the agreed upon appointment time.  We do not double book patients.  In exchange, we expect that you will be present for your appointment at the agreed upon time.  We understand that scheduling conflicts occasionally occur and would appreciate at least a 24 hour notice if cancellation of your appointment is necessary. 


Fees and Insurance

The fee for your endodontic treatment will be based on the type of treatment and the type of tooth.  We will only perform the highest standard of care for our patients, regardless of the case complexity.  During your first visit, we will discuss the probable number of visits, their length, and the fees involved.  Endodontic fees usually range from $600 to $1,300. To facilitate your access to our care, we are contracted providers with several insurance plans to help offset the cost of treatment.

We will estimate your co-payment, and it is the office policy that your expected portion is paid at the time of treatment.  We can only estimate your insurance benefits, you are ultimately responsible for the full cost of treatment if the insurance company contributes less than expected. 

We do accept payment of benefits from most insurance companies.  Our office will assist you in completing and filing your insurance claims.  The issues surrounding insurance filing and reimbursement change daily.  In order for you to maximize your insurance coverage, please read and understand your insurance information.  If you are unsure as to whether our services are covered by your provider, please contact your insurance provider prior to your visit with us.  Regardless of your insurance benefits, you deserve an accurate and honest assessment of your dental concerns.  We will always recommend the treatment options that are in your best interest.  Before treatment begins, we will review your insurance policy and estimate what you will owe at the initial visit. 

Deductibles and co-pays are due at the time of treatment.  Any denied claims or unpaid balances after 30 days become the responsibility of the patient.

If your insurance carrier pays more than the expected amount, a refund check will be sent to you from our office within 30 days of the date we received the insurance payment.